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On the Eve of Graduation Time: A Few Words of Wisdom

This column is a rerun from when my daughter graduated from high school three years ago. Now it is my son’s turn. Between Senior Dedication (our school’s version of Baccalaureate) and graduation, I will be up to my eyeballs in speeches and others’ advice. This has led me to come up with my own list that I would tell graduates: Shut Up! I had to shush the men sitting behind me at my daughter’s graduation during the national anthem. Really? Learn ... Read More »

Feed My Sheep

We are in a flurry of activity here at the church! It has gotten us all a bit discombobulated. The floor installers from Dalworth are installing new flooring in the Sunday School hallway to match the new floor in the ministry center and the Fellowship Hall. They will also install this flooring in the narthex of the church. Everywhere the old carpet was, the new floor is going down. This is a project of the Capital Campaign. (Your contributions at work!) When ... Read More »

May 8, 2017: The Missions Committee Has a New Project!

Dear friends, The Missions Committee has a new project that I am very pleased to tell you about and invite you to participate. Our community in general, and our church in particular, continues to have excellent relationships with both the Irving Police Department and the Irving Fire Department. We are blessed with first responders who perform their duties in a highly professional manner and seem to have a genuine concern ... Read More »

May 8, 2017: New Beginnings, and a Chance to Grow in Community

Easter is here, friends! What an incredible time of worship and community we shared Sunday morning, complete with fantastic music and Spirit-filled worship. Read More »

April 24, 2017: In the Months Ahead, Plenty of Ways to Stay on Fire for Jesus

Easter is here, friends! What an incredible time of worship and community we shared Sunday morning, complete with fantastic music and Spirit-filled worship. Read More »

Spring has Sprung

It’s spring! The calendar says so, and so does the weather outside. As a “farm kid,” I’m accustomed to all the conventional wisdom about the weather. I take most of those old sayings “with a grain of salt” (another old saying!), but when March “comes in like a lamb” it does seem to “go out like a lion.” We entered March pretty lamb-like. The storms this week have been anything but. I have been amazed at how early spring came this ... Read More »

Join us for 360 Experience — a new way of connecting with God!

When I was little and didn’t feel well, my mother used to put a towel over my pillow. The purpose was to help catch anything that might come out of my body. But what it really did for me was to make me feel loved and cared for. So much so that I did it for my kids and even today will do it when I don’t feel well. Feeling that towel on my pillow brings back warm and fuzzy ... Read More »

March 27, 2017: Reflect Upon God’s Gifts

Dear friends, If you haven’t seen me the last few Sundays, I have been at home trying to get over the most recent surgery on my back. I am deeply appreciative of the cards, emails, and phone calls that have come from many of you. I always seem to believe that I can get over surgery faster than I really can. I’m sorry that I missed the reception for Sara that was held last weekend. But I am slowly getting my strength ... Read More »

March 13, 2017: On Eve of Retirement, Looking Back with Much Appreciation

Thank you hardly seems adequate. Thank you is appropriate. I thank you for the ways you have embraced me as your minister. I thank you for allowing me to lead worship and to share worship with you. I thank you for inviting me to teach you. I thank you for the times I learned from you about grace, hardship, heartache, and love. I thank you that, when I made mistakes, you gifted me with your understanding and grace. I thank ... Read More »

March 13, 2017: Be There with Bells On

At Donna Dean’s memorial service, I met the lady who gave the handbells to PPUMC, and she told me that she wanted to return to hear them play in worship. I panicked! After I told her that the sanctuary bells have been dormant for nearly a year, she looked at me and said: “Well … maybe I need to give the bells to a place that will use them.” Unfortunately, I understand how she feels, but I am not ready to ... Read More »

Micah 6:8

...what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?