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October 23, 2017: “In Mission Together”

October 25, 2017

Rusty HedgesDear friends,

Betsy and I spent a very enjoyable week this month hosting Dariusz and Monika Zuber, the pastors from our United Methodist partner church in Elk, Poland. Our Missions Committee had invited them to visit Irving, and the visit allowed us to put faces with their names and get a better feel for who they are and how they do ministry in Poland.

The clergy couple was here for a week, and the original plan was for them to stay at our house. But a few days before they arrived, we discovered a leak underneath the slab of our house that required taking up a sizable section of the hardwood flooring downstairs. It also meant that we had big, noisy fans and dehumidifiers running 24 hours a day. Fortunately, Bill and Joan stepped up at the last minute and invited the Zubers to stay at their house. It all worked out very well. They spent their days with us and their evenings with the La Barrs. I am very glad that Bill and Joan got an opportunity to get to know them.

Darek and Monika ZuberThe Zubers attended Bill’s Tuesday morning Bible study group and met with the Missions Committee that evening. They had an opportunity to visit with the Rev. Cammy Gaston, our district superintendent. They also toured the seminary at SMU, and visited Project Transformation and a coffee shop/informal worship center operated by the United Methodist Church. Monika and Dariusz preached at our Thursday morning service at Brookdale Senior Living Center and visited the mustang statues at Las Colinas. We introduced them to Tex-Mex and barbecue at meal time and let them get some shopping time in. On Sunday they spoke in all three services and answered questions from members of some adult Sunday School classes before the 11:00 service. All in all, it was a delightful time.

Monika’s English is very good. Dariusz understands just about everything said in English, but doesn’t have the confidence to speak very much in English. I found them to be very intelligent with a great sense of humor, and deeply committed to their faith and their work in the United Methodist churches in Poland.

Monika also serves as the mission coordinator for the United Methodist Church in Poland. Often we give money to missions and don’t have a clear picture of where it goes. But Monika and Dariusz showed us clearly what our money can do. We will continue our partnership with the Polish churches for at least the next couple of years, and they have much to teach us. We will be looking for ways to build on their visit and continue to develop our relationship with our partner church in Poland.

Thank you to everyone who showed hospitality to the Zubers during their visit. Especially, a big thank you to Bill and Joan for opening their home on short notice and doing so much to make them feel at home.

Grace and peace,

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