Providing Excellence in Primary Education

Mission Statement

To provide excellence in Christian education is the primary mission of The Wesleyan Academe. The Wesleyan Academe provides a warm, loving environment for preschool and elementary aged children to discover themselves as unique, important and contributing members of our society.
Children’s capacity for learning and quest for knowledge is never greater than during their primary years. We gladly accept the challenge of introducing them to concepts, expanding their skills, and nurturing their spirits which will enhance future endeavors… in and out of the classroom.
The Wesleyan Academe admits all children regardless of race, creed, or religious background.

Early Childhood Classes

Early Childhood classes prepare the preschool-aged child for future success as the child experiences a teacher-led, knowledge-based environment which combines social awareness with varied learning experiences.

Specific classes will be filled on a first come-first served basis. Age

 level is determined by the child’s age as of September 1st.

Preschool students participate in Chapel twice a week. They also attend music classes three times weekly and Pre-K classes participate in Spanish

 Classes twice a week. The school day always includes snacks, reading aloud, time for free play, and an age-appropriate curriculum. The preschool day may also be extended for students who are ready for the challenge of all day activities. The Extended Day Program meets Monday through Friday, Noon-3:15 p.m.



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