Plymouth Park United Methodist Church, its staff, Ministries Council, and Board of Trustees wish to extend every possible courtesy to you as we share in the excitement of this momentous event in your lives. In planning your marriage, you will work with members of the Church staff who are dedicated to helping make each wedding a significant and joyful act of Christian worship. The following procedures have been established in order to assist wedding parties in their use of our facilities to the best possible advantage of all concerned.
Best Wishes and Blessings!

The Purpose of a Wedding

A wedding in the setting of a church is considered to be a service of worship.  It is to be distinguished from weddings in other settings (e.g., Justice of the Peace ceremonies) in that it indicates the special interest on the part of the couple to proclaim their faith in God through Christ and to witness their belief that no human relationship is ever truly fulfilled without calling upon divine guidance.  Therefore, those who are seeking to be married in the church are expressing their commitment to live in faithful response to God’s love and are pledging to continue their relationship as part of the Christian community after the marriage service.

The Role of the Officiating Pastor

Couples are encouraged to use one of the pastors on staff.  A pastor outside of the staff may be allowed to officiate with the approval of the PPUMC Pastoral Staff. The Pastoral Staff of Plymouth Park United Methodist Church shall have the authority to make decisions to insure appropriate and responsible implementation of the marriage celebration liturgy and/or other items covered by the wedding policy. Premarital counseling is a requirement of all wishing to be married in Plymouth Park United Methodist Church.  Those couples receiving permission to acquire the services of pastors outside of the Plymouth Park United Methodist Church staff must show evidence that they have fulfilled the counseling requirement.

The Role of the Church Wedding Coordinator

Plymouth Park United Methodist Church requires the use of a church wedding coordinator even if you hire another outside wedding consultant. The coordinator’s role is to ensure your wedding is as special and individual as possible. They can answer any questions concerning florists, photographers, and church policy. Responsibilities include opening and closing the facilities for the rehearsal and wedding, assisting the bridal party during the rehearsal, directing ushers in the seating of guests, assisting with the processional and recessional, handling emergencies, and performing other duties as needed.

Scheduling of Weddings

The facilities of Plymouth Park United Methodist Church are available for members and non-members. A member is defined as one who as joined our church at least a year prior to the scheduling of the wedding. Members may schedule a wedding at any time pursuant to the church calendar. Non-Members may schedule a wedding no more than six months in advance. Weddings and rehearsals cannot be scheduled on days when the church is officially closed or when other worship services and church ministries have scheduled use of the facilities. Such days include: Sundays, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week (Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday) July Fourth, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, etc.

How to Schedule

The first step for both members and non-members is to contact our Office Manager to inquire about available dates. Church Phone: (972) 255-4185 E-mail: Fax: (972) 594-8693 Once a date is determined to be available, fill out a Reservation Form (found in Wedding Policies link above) and fax or e-mail it to the Office Manager. Dates may be held for members of the congregation on a tentative basis pending availability of the pastor. For non-member inquiries, the Office Manager will outline the wedding procedures and refer the couple to one of the church’s pastors. Upon recommendation of the Pastor, the date of the marriage celebration will then be held on a tentative basis. The dates and times for the rehearsal and wedding will not be entered officially on the church calendar until the following steps have been completed:
  • Pastor availability confirmed and, in the case of a non-member wedding, the couple has met with church staff and received a recommendation.
  • A signed Agreement to the Wedding Policies of Plymouth Park United Methodist Church has been received.
  • A deposit of one-half of the projected fees has been received. The balance is to be paid 30 days prior to the wedding.
Once officially scheduled, any changes in rehearsal or wedding dates and times MUST be made through the Office Manager.

Informal Weddings

An informal wedding may be conducted by one of the pastors of Plymouth Park without charge for use of the building. Approval and arrangements for an informal wedding are handled by the officiating minister.

An informal wedding is defined as:

  1. Without music, flowers, or candles
  2. No sound technician
  3. For which there is a limited guest list

Music for Your Wedding

All music to be used in the ceremony must be submitted to the Wedding Coordinator no later than 30 days before the wedding. A CD of organ processional and recessional music has been prepared to help you make decisions regarding music selection. Copies of the CD are available on request from the Office Manager. ORGANIST – The staff organist of Plymouth Park United Methodist Church is available to play for all weddings. The organist does not attend rehearsals. No outside organists are allowed. VOCALISTS – A vocalist may be secured through private arrangements by the wedding party. Vocalists must provide a copy of the music to be sung in the appropriate key no later than one week prior to the wedding. The organist will not transpose music. It must be assumed that the soloist has learned the appropriate selected music. One rehearsal period will be allotted with the organist one hour before the wedding. INSTRUMENTALISTS – Other instrumentalists may be secured by the wedding party (harpists, flautists, guitarists, hand bells, string quartets, etc.) with the help of the organist.

Procedures for Rehearsals

One hour will be reserved for rehearsals in the sanctuary. The wedding rehearsal is an integral part of the preparation of a wedding and should proceed in a reverent manner. The couple should bring the marriage license to the rehearsal.

Photography and Taping

As stated before, weddings are a worship service; therefore, the photographing and video taping of the wedding should not interfere with the flow of people or dignity of the service. No flash pictures will be allowed after the Bride reaches the Chancel area. Non-flash exposures are permitted from the back of the sanctuary. Photographers and videographers may not wander around the sanctuary or Chancel area once the Bride reaches the Chancel area. If pictures of the wedding party are desired, they should be taken before the wedding or by reassembling the wedding party at the conclusion of the service. Video and audio taping of the service is permitted. Video cameras must remain stationary in designated locations against an outside wall or in the choir loft. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to review this policy with the photographer and to make these guidelines known to guests.   It is suggested the bride and groom consult with the photographer to predetermine the exact sequence, types, and number of photographs to be taken. This will not only allow for full coverage of the service, but also for the promptness of the bride and groom leaving for the reception.

Flowers and Decorations in the Sanctuary

The liturgical appointments, pulpit and the “Lord’s table,” are reminders of God’s activity in Christ.  Therefore, flowers, greenery, candles, and other decorations should be used with simplicity and dignity in the chancel area and shall not be used in front of the Lord’s table.  The Lord’s table, pulpit, baptismal font, and other liturgical fixtures may not be removed from their place.  Banners and seasonal decorations (e.g. Advent candles, etc.) will not be moved or removed. For safety reason, no fresh or silk flower petals can be thrown down the main aisle.

  • NO tacks, nails, tape, or glue is allowed on any woodwork.
  • NO candles allowed outside of the Chancel area except the unity candle.
  • Dripless candles with floor coverings placed under the candelabras are required inside the Chancel area.
  • Aisle Runners are not recommended and if used MUST have non-skid backing.

Outside decorators can be utilized but a proposal must be submitted and approved by the church wedding coordinator.  Without prior approval no outside decorations will be allowed.

  • Access to the building for decorating is limited to TWO (2) HOURS prior to the scheduled time of the wedding unless otherwise arranged with the Church Wedding Coordinator in advance.
  • All decorations in the sanctuary must be removed within ONE (1) HOUR after the ceremony, unless other arrangements are made in advance with the Church Wedding Coordinator.

If staff is kept overtime because of the florist (such as removing table decorations, tables, etc.), the florist shall be charged a storage and handling fee, payable before items can be picked up.

Reception Arrangements

The Fellowship Hall is available for wedding receptions.  The hall can be reserved for a maximum of 2 ½ hours following the wedding service. Saturday events must be scheduled so that they are completed (including clean up) by 9 pm.  An additional charge will be added for each half hour over the maximum. The Bride will be held responsible and accountable for any damage to the church building, furniture, floors, carpets, or property.  See fee list for pricing.

Nursery Arrangements

There are two nursery facilities (one for crib babies/toddlers and one for 2-3 year-olds). Either or both may be reserved through the church wedding coordinator for reasonable fees. They are staffed by trained and qualified caregivers hired by Plymouth Park United Methodist Church.


There is a NO SMOKING policy throughout the church. The church cannot accept delivery of bride or attendant dresses and cannot be responsible for personal items (such as wedding dresses, purses, silver, etc.) brought to the church. For safety reasons, rice, confetti, fresh/silk flower petals and birdseed may not be thrown either inside or outside the building. Alcoholic beverages shall not be consumed anywhere on the church property.  Participants in weddings are expected to abstain prior to the service.  If it appears to the Pastor or Wedding Coordinator that a person is intoxicated or disorderly, he/she will not be allowed to participate in the service. All cell phones and pagers need to be silenced upon entering sanctuary.


Established Fees

Weddings require special services on the part of the church staff and additional expenses related to the use of church facilities. The church will include the use of the sanctuary for rehearsal and wedding, a room for bride and attendants, a room for groom and groomsmen, and a guest book table. Any additional space needed must be requested and may incur additional charges.