Plymouth Park UMC is a primary supporter of Irving Great Days of Service, a longtime mission outreach with its origins in the North Texas Conference.
Great Days of Service in Irving, Texas, is an interfaith association of faith communities and community partners united in serving God and community through renewing neighborhoods and aiding homeowners in the restoration of their properties.

There are many ways you can get involved!

  • Volunteer to become a member of a work crew.
  • Help move materials to worksites.
  • Prepare food for lunches on workdays.
  • Deliver food for lunches on workdays.
  • Become a work team captain.
  • Organize a work team from your congregation, group or organization.
  • Let us know of a house in need within your congregation or neighborhood.
  • Become part of the organizing committee.
  • Contribute money and/or encourage your congregation or organization to give.
  • Pass the word – tell others.

Pray for the success of Great Days of Service, that it will be a blessing to those who volunteer and those who are helped — that it will show God’s love and draw us closer as a community.

Great Days of Service