Permanent Endowment Fund

Our endowment fund is a permanent fund and only its earnings will be spent. When funds are available and distributed, they will support projects above and beyond normal budgeted items

Endowment funds can:

  • Enhance ministry/outreach.
  • Help care for facilities.
  • Encourage us to be better stewards.
  • Help our church avoid conflicts over money.
  • Provide a vehicle for giving.

Endowment funds provide donors an opportunity to:

  • Make a permanent gift from lifetime assets.
  • Provide ongoing support for a favorite ministry.
  • Leave a legacy that will be remembered over time.

Are permanent endowment fund gifts tax deductible?

Yes. Your gifts to the First United Methodist Church Endowment Fund are deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes. Bequests, life income gifts and other donations of value are generally exempt from Federal Estate and Gift taxes.

What kinds of gifts can be made to our endowment fund?

There are many types of gifts that could benefit our permanent endowment fund. A few of them are:

  • Cash
  • Real estate
  • Personal property
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Life insurance
  • Planned Gifts

Is my gift too small?

Because all gifts are pooled in the fund, they have a cumulative effect making even the smallest gift significant. Every gift contributes to the overall growth of the principal amount, which compounds the return on investments.

Endowment funds say:

We Believe…

– in the future of our church.

– that what we have is a trust from God.

– in building a sense of permanence in what we do.

– in being good stewards as a church family.

– in providing ministries that were once only dreams.

– in continuing the heritage we enjoy for future generations.

– in providing another opportunity for people to give